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Australia Day Food Relief

Our charity was able to provide hundreds of struggling Australian families and community members with food during the 2022 Australia Day celebrations due to being provided a generous grant of $20,000 from the Australia Day Grants Community.

Reflect. Respect. Celebrate. We’re all part of the story. That was the main theme of 2022 Australia Day. St Merkorious Charity worked double-time to ensure that no-one was left behind during the celebrations.

Hygiene goods, food hampers bursting with fresh goods, and hot, nutritious meals were delivered and distributed to hungry families and individuals as we worked hard to ensure everyone could have a wonderful time during Australia day.

Our charity managed to provide 400 hampers filled necessary goods and food that would help relieve the financial burden in our Australia Day drive. Many struggling families were grateful for the donated goods and food relief so they could greet the celebration with optimism and hope.

No-one should be left out because of hunger and financial stress.

“No-one should miss out on celebrations because they’re struggling with the bills,” St Merkorious founder Paula Nicolas said, “but it’s something a lot of people have to live with. We’re very grateful that our charity was supported to ensure that more than 400 individuals and families weren’t left behind this year.”

Working on the frontlines, Paula said she noticed people have been struggling due to COVID-19, lockdowns, employment pressures, and the uncertainty that still covers our gradual return to business-as-usual.

“We see many who cannot support themselves, as they cannot afford the bills. So when we deliver food that comes straight from the community, not only from volunteers but by donors, sponsors, and funders like the Australia Day Committee, they feel like someone is there for them at their lowest times. It’s rewarding for us and means a lot to them.”

Supporting the homeless, the poor and the struggling with food and necessities for 2022 Australia Day, our charity truly felt the commitment to ensure everyone was included in the story.

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