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About our Charity

St. Merkorious Charity / About our Charity

Tackling Poverty at its Roots

Hard times can fall on anyone, and bearing the weight alone to persevere into a better future can be a bitter process. This is where St. Merkorious steps in. We lend a hand, we give support, and help tackle problems at their roots so that those who come to us are empowered to face their future.

01Mission and vision

St Merkorious Charity has a simple mission. We relieve hunger and poverty by providing access to healthy food, clothing and essential items for day-to-day living. We then provide advice and referrals to services than can help them with their long-term goals.

Our vision is to tackle poverty at its root. Food insecurity is only the first step of care in our overall vision. Poverty has a horrible domino effect, and we aim to make lasting impact on the lives of those who are stuck in poverty by providing:

  • Providing 4000 nourishing meals a week to community members in need
  • Donation bins accepting clothing, food, and other necessities
  • Arrange, encourage and facilitate community development through events, fundraisers, skills classes
  • A friendly community, empathetic companionship and support
  • Scholarships and homework support to disadvantaged families with children
  • Support minority and disadvantaged groups, such as migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, people at risk of or are homeless, victims of catastrophe and people with disabilities

02Charity projects

Our Charity has many projects on the go. Our main project targets food insecurity by providing hot, nutritious meals to those under our care. After their immediate needs are taken care of, we strive to continue empowering them for the future.

We make our decisions on our programs while always respecting dignity, diversity and basic human rights. Our four main projects right now are:

Delivering our Food Relief Service per post-code and client, including to the homeless

Weekly Community Meals in Parramatta and Mt Druitt

Assess every client and ensure support, advice and referral according to their needs

Supporting children of families through education support programs

Arrange donations and fundraisers for those who need emergency support

03Fundraisers and events

The St Merkorious Charity community has only grown every year due to the kindness and untiring efforts of our sponsors, donors, volunteers and skeleton staff.

We run fundraisers to keep our programs running to continue our achievements in our delivery of food and scholarships all around Sydney, and events to celebrate the efforts of all who help and contribute to our charity.

We are proud to call ourselves part of the local community, like our annual contribution to the Parramatta Street Feast. Or check out our annual fundraiser Day at the Bay, where we arrange fun activities for the whole family! We also run Christmas Concerts with food hampers and live music, alongside our annual Gala Dinner celebrating our sponsors, dignitaries, supporters and many more.

Check our Social to know all that we do!

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