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Specialty Skills

St. Merkorious Charity / Specialty Skills

Let us know if you have a specialty skill that you believe will benefit our cause! St. Merkorious Charity is always to make a difference to our community and give hope to those in need. Know that your special skills and acts of kindness will be acknowledged in our communities and all our clients as you better their lives.

Contact us on the form below, and get in touch!

Let us know

There are many skills that you have that we’re definitely interested in! We work with people with many cultures and backgrounds, disadvantaged, and homeless. That’s why specialist skills and knowledge in areas such as

  • Social work and mental health
  • Language and translation capabilities
  • In-depth knowledge of needs and risks assessments
  • + any other skills and knowledge you have to help improve the quality of life in our clients

Is highly valuable! So please get in touch – we’d love to get to know you.

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