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Future Programs

St. Merkorious Charity / Future Programs

All our community services and programs are dedicated to our mission – to make a difference in our community by tackling poverty at its root. St Merkorious Charity empowers and motivates the people who come into our care. We operate our different programs and community services to ensure that we can support as many people as we can. We spread kindness through a helping hand, ensuring our communities are safer and healthier than ever by contributing our utmost. The following are future programs coming to St Merkorious Charity in the near future.

Transitional Housing Project

A Home is Where Healing Starts

Housing is a continuing issue in NSW despite the government’s continued efforts to match the demand for social housing. Transitional housing is short to medium subsidised housing for people experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness. There are many complex factors that can lead to someone living in a transitional house, from fleeing domestic violence to chronic homelessness from financial insecurity to addiction.

Working on the front lines feeding the homeless and other people experiencing disadvantage has given St Merkorious a unique perspective on the needs that people require to get back onto their feet. Some only need a place to shower and sleep for a few nights. Others may need kindness, referrals to community support, connections, stable accommodation, and further assistance to get back on track and start the healing process that can only be found when you’re feeling safe and secure.

Our project has begun with PAYCE FOUNDATION’s support to begin supporting the homeless, those at risk of homelessness a place to stay, recover, and transition into independence.

Transitional Housing Project
psychologist holds the hands of their client - mental health

Mental Health

Taking a Holistic View on Health

St Merkorious Charity understands that health is essential to living well. A positive outlook is well-supported when a person’s health is maintained well. We understand that health is not just about the physical. Our community services support people in our community who are struggling, but we know one of our best values as a charity is our commitment to being human-focused.

Our volunteer’s care, cheer, and enthusiasm to reach out to our community and help out others with a kind and welcoming hand is part of our charity’s core identity. Hope, kindness and connection are parts of ensuring health too.

Our charity works hard to check in on people, break the stigma, provide psychological aid, and ensure that during an individual’s darkest times they know it is never hopeless. Every life has a story and worth, and we are part of its story.

For more details on our mental health initiatives, please click here.


Every year, we hold various different exciting events to connect our community with joy and fun. Join us!


St Merkorious is grateful for all our volunteers! If you would like to volunteer with our team, register here.


St Merkorious is thankful to all our generous sponsors. If you would like to sponsor our Charity, please call us!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can we participate in your community services?

It’s easy to participate and join one of our programs, and contribute to helping our community members in need! Go to our contact us page and call during our business hours. You can also send in an online form, or approach us when we’re out and about in the community. It’s up to you!

Who can attend your events?

Our events and community meals are open to everyone! If you see one of our events pop up, feel free to join in on the fun. We’d love to see you.

Do you have any requirements on volunteers?

No, we’re open to volunteer applications from people of all ages, sizes and abilities. Our charity runs on the kindness of volunteers, and every extra hand helps!

How can I support the charity?

In many ways! You can:

  • Donate to St Merkorious
  • Register as a volunteer
  • Attend our fundraisers and events
Get in touch with us to become a volunteer, donate or sponsor us