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Food Relief Supported by Canada Bay Council

With the generous support of Canada Bay Council, St Merkorious Charity has been able to purchase food items to pack into hampers and deliver them straight to our most vulnerable community members during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Homeless, those at risk of homelessness, and people experiencing food insecurity usually rely on our Rhodes community meals to receive food relief and a friendly conversation by sharing a hot, delicious meal over a friendly conversation. COVID-19 put a pause on our community meals due to health restrictions.

That was when Canada Bay Council granted our charity with $1000 to help our July food delivery for the local area. With the support given by Canada Bay Council, transitioned to direct food deliveries, filling each hamper to the brim with fresh and healthy ingredients.

This $1000 provided sixty struggling individuals and families in Canada Bay to stay fed and full throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period. Many of our hamper recipients were overwhelmed and grateful when they realised they would continue receiving food relief, having thought they would be struggling through a harsh and difficult lockdown period without the greater support they needed.

No-one should be left out because of hunger and financial stress.

“When the COVID-19 lockdowns hit our community again, my heart broke for those who those who had been trying to recover from the last lockdowns,” St Merkorious Charity founder Paula Nicolas said. “Receiving this support from Canada Bay Council to keep families full and fed has been a blessing, and we’re very grateful that we have been able to continue our food relief services with their help.”

With funding stretched to the maximum at St Merkorious to ensure that every dollar they spend goes as far as it can, Paula anticipates that many struggling families will take longer to recover from the effects of COVID-19 than the average citizen.

“There are so many factors that have been affected by COVID-19, like rising costs of products and employment pressures. It’s become impossible for many to support themselves because bills are so high. For us to be able to help them through their darkest times and give hope through food from us, funded by their community, it shows them that the community still cares and that we are there for them.”

COVID-19 has made times for many very insecure, and our charity is grateful for the support that we received during the toughest times, that helped us in turn to support those who need us. We thank Canada Bay Council again for their support, and we look forward to moving onwards and upwards to help our community recover from COVID-19.

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