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2019 Christmas Hamper Nights

St. Merkorious Charity / 2019 Christmas Hamper Nights

2019 Christmas Hamper Nights


Every year, St. Merkorious Charity packs Christmas Hampers for our clients – our cohort, who are disadvantaged in some way, and often may not be able to celebrate Christmas as many of us would.

Therefore, we organised three Christmas nights at Croydon Hall. Many of our volunteers came and donated items for the hampers, while helping as well with packing the hampers for delivery and distribution.

The three nights were wonderfully successful thanks to the endless and tireless support from our volunteers. These hampers were distributed to those in our care to spread the happiness.

We thank everyone who participated and donated in this event to make this happen!

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Location: St James Croydon Hall, Croydon
Date: December 19, 2019
Duration: 4 Days