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2019 Parramatta Street Feast

St. Merkorious Charity / 2019 Parramatta Street Feast

2019 Parramatta Street Feast


On the 20th of November, 2019, the Diocese of Parramatta hosted a lunch for 200 marginalised people across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains in the spirit of friendship, compassion and community.

St. Merkorious Charity alongside our wonderful sponsors the PAYCE Foundation and PAYNTER DIXON was proud to involve ourselves in this event, helping to prepare, cook and serve the food and share in the conversation at Prince Alfred Square.

Bishop Vincent Long provided a welcome address, highlighting the beauty of charity, care and outreach to those who are still left in the margins, before the event was completed with a variety of fresh food, laughter and enjoyment.

The Sydney Street Choir and Riverwood Community Choir performed and entertained many on the day, cheering everyone there with many crowd favourites.

We thank everyone who joined in this wonderful event, especially our volunteers and sponsors. Your kindness and continued support ensured the success of our contributions to the Parramatta Street Feast. Thank you all very much!

Location: Prince Alfred Square, Parramatta
Date: November 20, 2019
Duration: 1 Day